When the BMW i3S first made its debut, it wasn’t exactly a sporty version. Sure, it was lower and its wheeltrack was a bit wider. But it really wasn’t that much more fun to drive. Admittedly, the BMW i3 is a pretty fun little car to drive to begin with. Still, it would be nice to have a bit of extra handling capabilities and some sportier looks. That’s where AC Schnitzer comes along.

This new tuning package from AC Schnitzer brings about some much needed sportiness. While it doesn’t come with a power upgrade, it does bring about suspension and aero upgrades to make it more fun to drive. The best part about it is that it’s available for both the standard BMW i3 and the i3S.

For starters, the i3 gets some lowering springs, which lower the BMW i3S 10 – 15 mm, front to rear. As for the standard BMW i3, those same springs lower it 15 – 20 mm, front to rear, due to the car’s higher stock ride height. It must be noted that this is not for REx-equipped i3s, due to their heavier rear weight.

After the lowering springs comes a set of wheel spacers, which help widen the wheel track even further. They’re 12 mm black anodized aluminum spacers but they’re only available for the BMW i3S. Not only do they make the i3S look cooler, as its wheels become flush with the fenders, but they help increase grip and handling a bit.

As for the upgraded aerodynamics, the AC Schnitzer BMW i3 gets a new front splitter (LCI model only), a new rear skirt protection foil and a rear roof spoiler. It’s all quite subtle, actually, but the combined package makes the i3 look much sportier.

On the inside, the BMW i3S gets aluminum pedals and an aluminum cover for the iDrive controller, just to spruce up the eco-friendly cabin a bit.

The BMW i3S, and even the standard i3, is a cool little car and one that’s more fun to drive than it looks. So adding some visual aggression while improving handling a bit, is a welcome addition to already fun, quirky little car.