The BMW M8 Gran Coupe will be unveiled later this year, but arrives on the market in early 2020, completing the M8 family which also includes the coupe and convertible variants. The M8 Gran Coupe is, as you’d expect, based on the recently unveiled 8 Series Gran Coupe – the stylish and luxurious four-door coupe.

So it comes as no surprise that rendering artists are already hard at work trying to imagine what the M8 GC would look like, in the end, the car combines the design elements of the 8 Series with the M bits from the M8 Coupe.

The rendering shows the more aggressive M8 front bumper and the double-strut kidney, as well as the extra large air intakes with the typical carbon fiber inserts. The car also sits closer to the ground and rides on larger wheels than the standard 8 Series, while the side view stands out with its enlarged fenders.

As far as we know from BMW right now, the M8 will share its engine with the F90 M5. That means it will be the same 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 but with slightly more power. The M8 will have around 625 HP, according to sources, while the Competition models are expected to have even more. All models will come with all-wheel drive and are expected to feature the same intelligent system that allows you to turn your M8 into a rear-wheel tire shredder.

Even more important than the power output will be the M tuning of the chassis, suspension, steering and brake system. A large package of mods will include, among many, additional stiffeners and a brake-by-wire system, which will contribute to the uniqueness of the M8 Gran Coupe.

[Source: Ascarissdesign