The BMW M5 in its latest iteration is a bit on the heavier side of things. That’s understandable though considering its sheer size but also the amount of tech infused in it. Fortunately, the new M car makes up for it with power in spades and a new M xDrive system. However, some people might want to shave off some weight off its hips and one way to start is by using a carbon fiber hood, courtesy of G-Power.

The German tuner unveiled its latest offering for the F90 M5 today in the form of a full carbon fiber hood. G-Power claims their new Venturi bonnet has ‘dynamic venting’ properties, along with a lightweight technique which shaves weight off the F90 M5.

“In addition to the reduction in weight due to the carbon material used, the G-POWER VENTURI bonnet offers even greater technical added value thanks to the used “DYNAMIC VENTING” technology: additional ventilation openings in the bonnet in the area of the vacuum zone and a specially shaped power dome. These two features of the carbon hood developed by G-POWER in CAD ensure a powerful Venturi effect while driving. The vacuum boosted by the aerodynamic profile of the power dome literally sucks the hot air out of the engine compartment. As a result, the temperatures are reduced, which in turn benefits the performance,” claims the press release from G-Power.

Sounds good in theory but whether it also works in real life, remains to be seen. If you’re interested in testing it yourself you should know that the Venturi RS bonnet will set you back 4.760,00 € plus installation costs. Right now, the tuning shop is offering a package for the enthusiast which saves you 800 Euros if you get the hood, Vmax increase kit and the Performance Software V1 (700 HP) all for 7,495 Euros.