The BMW i3 is already a funky-looking car. Some went as far as saying it’s downright ugly but I would just call it different. And, considering how interesting its underpinnings are, it was bound to have a different exterior to what we’ve been seeing on public roads. Now, the guys from Eve.Ryn decided the i3 could use a bit more pizazz so they created a widebody kit for the electric vehicle, one that couldn’t go under our radar.

The Japanese tuner is know for its particular interest in BMW i models. It did quite a job on the BMW i8 and then on the i8 Roadster and it looks like it’s time for the i3 to get the same treatment. The body kit definitely takes it to a whole new level. From the front, it looks like one of those deep sea fish you keep seeing on Our Planet, the things that basically represent nightmare fuel for most people.

widebody bmw i3 evo tuning from japan looks like a fish 11

At least the material used seems to be carbon fiber so the entire lightweight philosophy behind the making of the i3 didn’t go down the drain. As for the aerodynamics of the car with the new add-ons, I can’t really say how it might’ve changed. The sides are dominated by wider hips, in tune with the overall widebody kit theme. To make sure there’s no empty space in there now, the wheels have also been changed, and do quite a good job at filling the wider fenders.

The rear has a modified bumper as well, featuring a spoiler at the bottom, also made of carbon fiber. It basically matches the wider rear fenders and gives the car a meaner stance. Overall, the Eve.Ryn i3 is definitely something else. Is that a good thing? Well, you tell me as I’m definitely still trying to figure things out.