When it comes to aftermarket exhaust systems a couple of brands stand out in the crowd. Among them you’ll find Akrapovic, a company that started off doing motorcycle exhausts and ended up becoming an icon in the automotive field as well. Recently, the Slovenian company created a new system that allows them, and their customers, to adjust the way the car sounds. It’s a system they call Adjustable Acoustic Reflector. Now, it is available for BMW 440i models.

Their new product has been designed to enhance the sound inside the car’s cabin and improve the overall driving experience, of course. According to Akrapovic, it is simple to use and fits on the tube that leads from the muffler to the tailpipe. Apparently, it opens and closes the slots that are in the tube to produce a fully immersive sound in the car’s cockpit. When the manually adjustable reflector opens the slots, more sound reflects into the car, providing a different aural effect.

The Akrapovič Adjustable Acoustic Reflector is a part of ECE type-approved Slip-On Line systems for the BMW M140i/M240i, 340i/440i – all of which are equipped with OPF/GPF filters. That means it’s road legal in Europe and, judging by the video posted below, it actually works. In the footage we get to see a BMW 440i Gran Coupe fitted with this device and, to be fair, the B58 engine sounds rather good.

Of course, the titanium exhaust also plays a part in the end result. According to Akrapovic, their exhaust for the 440i models ensures a power increase of about 9 horsepower along with 7.9 Nm of extra torque and a weight reduction of 4.4 kilos. It may not seem like much but that’s not the point of a new exhaust, these are just extras that come with it. The point is to change the way your car sounds and you can be the judge of whether that’s the case here or not.