Whenever one brings up the inevitable drag race factor in a discussion regarding conventional, internal combustion engine cars and electric alternatives, it is almost a duty of anyone defending ICE to point out that this sort of comparison is not fair. It’s not fair for a number of reasons but the main factor here is the fact that you simply can’t beat instant torque and power delivery. What we have here, then, is a race that has been decided the moment the M2 and the Tesla left the factory.

The guys from Throttle House had a BMW M2 Competition on their hands for a couple of days and they put it to some really good use. First, they compared it to the Honda Civic Type-R on a track, which is definitely a better comparison than what we’re seeing here. Now, they are pitting the Bavarian machine against an electric car, the Tesla Model 3. This is the standard Model 3, not the Performance version but even so, it’s an EV going up against an ICE car.

The specs don’t say the whole story though. The BMW M2 Competition has a 3-liter straight six engine you might otherwise know very well from the M3 and M4. The S55, in this case, has been downtuned to make 410 HP and 550 Nm (406 lb-ft) of torque. This car is also a manual, so launching it with its rear-wheel drive setup is challenging. Even in perfect conditions, the M2 Competition would take 4.4 seconds to do 62 mph from standstill.

The Model 3, on the other hand, has 346 HP at its disposal but it come with all-wheel drive and instant torque. It will do 100 km/h (62 mph) from standstill in a claimed 4.6 seconds according to the guys over at Throttle House. The thing is, the M2 will struggle off the line but most likely won’t fall behind once it hooks up. Is it too close to call? Let’s see.