Cars can be so much more than four wheels bolted to a box of metal. Cars can be emotional, sentimental and reminders of lost loved ones. Which is exactly what David Lee’s 2005 Rolls Royce Phantom is — a reminder.

In this new video from Petrolicious, famous Ferrari collector David Lee drives his Rolls Royce Phantom and talks about how much it means to him. Lee’s Phantom is a reminder of his father, who he lost to cancer. The reason Lee’s Phantom reminds of of his father is because he bought it for his father back in 2005.

Lee’s father fled communist China and eventually came to America and worked incredibly hard to raise his family and care for them. Lee obviously became very successful because of everything his father was able to provide for him and taught him, so he felt it necessary to buy him something to show his appreciation. He chose the Rolls Royce Phantom because his father remembered seeing Rolls Royces in China and always felt they were the ultimate sign of luxury.

Unfortunately, Lee lost his father to cancer but is able to remember him every time he drives the big Roller. In fact, Lee hasn’t even changed any of the radio presets, so he can listen to what his father was last listening to and it also helps him to gain a new perspective on life to hear what his father was listening to when driving it. Sort of stepping into his father’s shoes.

This video not only shows how cars can be a reminder of loved ones but acts as a reminder itself of the fact that cars can be so much more than just transportation. Cars make lasting impressions and become parts of the family. Cars stick. And in the case of this Rolls Royce Phantom, cars can become generational keepsakes.