Not long ago, the only option you had for ordering a new 3 Series was the 330i model. Things changed in the meantime as the M340i arrived on the scene but to some, the 330i might still be the better deal or the one car they can afford as the M340i is a bit more expensive. The guys from Car and Driver had a 330i for testing purposes and they decided to review the car in a different way for a change, asking their Instagram followers what exactly they wanted to know about it.

It’s quite an interesting way of looking at things, to be honest. After all, we’re creating this content for you guys, our followers, and we’re working extra hard trying to figure out what specific part of a car you’d like to know more about. Luckily, the comments section comes in handy in this regard but using social media can also be a good way to connect and deliver the content you expect. You can also follow us on Instagram at @BMWBLOG.

While some followers really asked interesting things, such as if you can get a spare tire or whether there’s enough room in the back, other just wrote comments that seems random at times. From ‘M340i!!!’ to ‘Revs’, things didn’t go according to plan. Nevertheless, the 9:30-minute long video below does contain some valuable info if you’re truly interested in buying the 330i at some point. Some answers are more interesting than others, from the fact that the xDrive model will drift to the fact that the M340i will be delivered starting this summer.

We also had the 330i a couple of times and came away pleasantly surprised. Yes, unlike older versions, the 330i badge doesn’t come with a 6-cylinder engine under the hood anymore but the abundance of torque that hits you whenever you press on the gas pedal a bit harder than you should makes it worth while to some extent.