Ever since the BMW M Town concept came to life we’ve seen it promote modern cars. Most of the time we got to see the new M2 Competition or the current BMW M850i shaking it for a dollar, or the new M5 Competition ruining kids’ drawings. The latest video though goes in a bit of a different direction, featuring the first model ever to wear the M badge on the boot. Yes, the BMW M1 makes a comeback and it looks just stunning in white.

The car is mostly known for its red color, most enthusiasts remembering it fondly in that color. That’s because the M1 was promoted many times wearing that color but the production numbers show that the most popular color was white – 163 road cars. The runner up is Orange with 98 units while Red comes in third with 71 road cars wearing it. It doesn’t really matter what color it is though, the BMW M1 will always attract a lot of attention.

In the video below, we’re looking at a man trying to use an ATM. The trouble is, the ATM doesn’t really have a sidewalk next to it so that you can use it without worrying about passing cars. That sounds like something that could easily happen in M Town, to be honest. While he’s trying extra hard not to get run down by a car while getting some money, we get the sense that there’s more to this than meets the eye at first.

And there is. The ATM in M Town was developed to be used from inside the car. After all, we’ve seen how a coffee drive through looks like in this beautiful place, what else would you expect from an ATM, right? As the BMW M1 driver proves, things are easy to do if you have such a car.