The M Town is a magical place where BMW M owners live and where M cars roam free. It’s a place where you get goosebumps simply by walking down the street because the amount of awesome exhaust sounds is simply overwhelming. This is where everything is done differently than you are used to, from your daily commute to the way you spend your nights out and, as it turns out, how you buy and enjoy your coffee.

The latest video from BMW’s marketing team, featuring this idyllic place shows a different way of ordering and especially picking up your coffee. Whereas you’d usually go in, probably wait in a rather long cue to order and then have your name written poorly on a cup, in M Town things happen a bit different. Even though we don’t actually get to see how our protagonists here ordered their hot beverages, we do get to see how the coffee is picked up.

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In typical BMW style, they drift around what seems to be a sort of coffee hut, the three-way sliding tango being performed by a BMW M2, BMW M4 and yes, a big and powerful BMW M5 as well. The three get the tires smoking while waiting for their coffee, while lucky Emma is called up to pick up hers. In a beautiful slide, she manages to pick it up from the barista’s hand with grace and without ever leaving the BMW M2 Competition she’s driving. Absolute class!

I should also point out that the coffee place doesn’t have a ‘regular’ name either, as this is, after all, M Town. Oh no, over here, you don’t have ‘Coffee to Go’, you have ‘Coffee to Drift’ as one would expect, of course. Yeah, it’s all really nice, making us yearn for this place to become reality.