The BMW X2 doesn’t have an easy life and the reason for that is rather simple: people just don’t know what to compare it to. The X2 is meant to be a more sleek and stylish alternative to the more practical BMW X1. In that regard, the X2 loses some interior space and this sacrifice is meant to offer it a more beautiful exterior appearance. Is it worth the trouble? It depends on the buyer but I’m guessing those owning one don’t really need the added space of the X1.

And while that seems like something every automotive journalist out there should know, the guys from Car Buyer decided to compare the X2 to some very different cars: the Volvo XC40 and the Jaguar E-Pace. The two rivals shown in the video below alongside the X2 would’ve been absolutely fine if this was a comparison with the BMW X1. Unfortunately, it was down to the X2 to face them and things didn’t go exactly smooth for the Bavarian machine.

Both the Volvo and the Jaguar are considerably bigger cars than the X2 and that is pretty obvious from the get go. Just the initial shots in the clip show the three altogether and the differences are easy to spot. That leads to a considerably less generous layout inside the BMW and that’s mentioned by the reviewers a couple of times. From the fact that you can’t actually seat three people in the back of the X2 whereas you can in the other two, to the more cramped feeling you get in the BMW, it is all laid bare.

On the road though, is where the BMW, unsurprisingly, wins. It’s the best one to drive out of the three but it’s also the noisiest of the bunch according to Car Buyer. The Jaguar comes in second while the Volvo finishes third in this testing category. In the end though, the Swedish car comes out on top, as you’d expect, really. It’s the biggest, the most practical and the most comfortable car here and it deserves to win.