The BMW E30 3 Series generation is loved around the world, especially in M3 guise. Prices for those models have gone through the roof recently, especially if we’re looking at mint models. Nevertheless, ever since they were in production, some have claimed that the best choice wasn’t the M model but the 325i instead. That’s because the 325i was cheaper and had a six-cylinder engine compared to the S14 4-cylinder found on the M3.

Even though the 325i had two extra cylinders, the power output was lower than on the M-massaged S14 engine, but I have a feeling the car in the footage below doesn’t suffer in that particular area. According to the video uploader we’re looking at a heavily modified BMW E30, one that now has 800 HP going to the rear wheels. That’s a huge bump and it seems like it’s all down to some carefully installed forced induction.

We don’t have any details on the car but judging by what goes down in the video below, it’s safe to say you should write your will and maybe pray before getting in. Across the 1/2 mile stretch, the BMW seems to be skidding all over the place at times, probably losing grip on the rear axle as the power overwhelms the tires. The burnout the driver does at the beginning doesn’t seem to do much in that regard.

On the other hand, the other car involved in this race is a Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S tuned by GAD Motors. Apparently, the 4-liter V8 under the hood was taken to 950 HP which is pretty impressive. Since the Merc has all-wheel drive, the situation is a lot less complicated in it at higher speeds and even setting off. In the end though, this was a trap speed race and there was only one winner. Care to guess which one before checking the video?