The BMW F10 M5 might just be the most controversial M5 model ever made. The reason behind its lack of popularity seems to reside in a couple of key areas, from the weight of the car to the reliability issues of the S63 4.4-liter V8 engine. And yet, there are people out there who love the F10 M5 so much they not only bought it but also tune it to various extents. The car in the footage below is one such example, starting life as a Competition Pack BMW M5.

That means, unlike the standard model, it comes with a revised suspension to allow better handling as well as a small power bump of 15 HP. That may not seem like a lot but taken as a whole package it does show how the standard model could’ve been done better from the get go. In the case of the car we’re looking at here, the Competition Package was only the beginning as the owner decided to tune it even further.

According to the guys from Roads Untraveled, this M5 has 650 HP at the wheels, which means the engine is making over 700 HP now compared to the stock 575. Furthermore, the torque has been taken up to some 550 lb-ft, which is why the DSC is kicking in rather aggressively all the time, to avoid spinning the rear tires out of control. The upgrade was done by the people over at JRS Auto and includes a new Akrapovic exhaust, a carbon fiber hood and new intake from AFE.

How does the whole package feel now? Well, the guys from Roads Untraveled do paint a lively picture but we’re going to let you discover it on your own. Some rather obvious things are pointed out though, such as the weight and the wheel spin but there are other interesting tidbits thrown in there as well.