For a lot of people, the name Bernd Pischetsrieder doesn’t say a lot, but some regard him as one of the best CEOs the company had in its over 100 years of existence. He was at the helm of the Bavarian brand between 1993 and 1999 and it was exactly during that time that some rather legendary cars were developed. Furthermore, the 1990s are widely regarded as BMW’s golden years as far as the cars go.

Pischetsrieder was not only a good manager but he was a great car guy first, as that was what drove him to rise to the very top of the game, without forgetting why he’s there. The fact that he’s a true car guy shows in his collection of cars, proudly shared with us thanks to the video posted below. The guys from Alpina decided to pay him a visit, to see what hides in his garage and the special cars you could find there make it worth millions of dollars.

The footage kicks off with him driving an original 8 Series, albeit enhanced by the good people over at Alpina. According to him, he bought the car with the condition that Alpina tune it to deliver exactly as much horsepower as he wanted. It was the very last 8 Series BMW made. The engineers in Buchloe fell short by 3 HP but that didn’t matter, as Pischetsrieder must’ve known that the 8er will become a cult classic.

The collection also includes a number of Rolls-Royce and Ferrari cars. As he confesses, he only has two brands in his heart after all this time in the industry: BMW (and Alpina) and Ferrari. That’s not a bad choice, to be honest, especially looking at the Z8 in his garage or the Phantom models hiding in the dark, alongside all these faster, newer cars.