BMW M has started a mini-series a while back, with videos showcasing how to get the most out of your car both on the road and on the track. Today, they published yet another one, this time focusing on the M Setup feature, which allows you to customize your car in every way you want. Even though a lot of people have complained about the overwhelming array of options when it comes to finding the perfect setup, these things do come in handy if you’re exigent.

That means we get to see how a pro configures his car and how you can do so as well, in your own, thanks to the video posted below. The 7-speed DCT gearbox in the BMW M4, for example, offers various adjustment options. It enables the M driver to change gears quickly without the vehicle losing traction. It also offers sporty and comfortable gearshifts that support perfect acceleration and a dynamic driving experience. The Drivelogic button allows the driver to set the speed of the gear changes and when they take place.

The driver can change the engine characteristics as well, as part of the BMW M Setup by selecting one of the preset modes: Efficient, Sport and Sport Plus. Efficient, the default setting, is the most economical, and Sport Plus is the most extreme of the three. In both Sport modes the exhaust flaps widen and the engine sound becomes much more intense, creating an exhilarating natural soundtrack when accelerating.

The BMW M Setup can be used to vary the damper setting, with three modes to choose from: Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus. With it the hardness of the dampers is electronically regulated; the car becomes more agile through corners when Sport and Sport Plus have been selected, and the suspension becomes noticeably firmer. At the same time, the Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus modes are  available when adjusting the steering. The most striking difference between them is that Sport and Sport Plus modes add significant weight to the M Servotronic steering than Comfort.

Whichever mode the driver selects is displayed in the instrument cluster. When you reached your perfect combination, the settings can be saved for later use. The driver’s individual profile is created in the iDrive system by holding down the red M1 or M2 button on the multifunction steering wheel for a few seconds until an acoustic feedback confirms that the settings have been saved. The stored profile can then be selected via the M1 and M2 buttons.

Another way to boost driving pleasure option is with the M Dynamic Mode (MDM). This gives the vehicle higher lateral dynamics and lateral acceleration for controlled drifting. However, if the car begins to turn too far, the DSC will switch back on, power to the engine is reduced and braking pulses are activated via the vehicles sensors. Now allow Stefan Landmann to explain all of this, courtesy of the video below.