BMW and its M division have started filming a series of quick guides, taking you through the most important things you should know about BMW M cars. Today they published a video focusing on one of the most helpful new inventions for the automotive industry: head-up display. The BMW M models come with a special version, which displays information needed when behind the wheel of an M car, as you may already know.

Our guide in the short video below is, just like before, Stefan Landmann, class winner of the 24-hour Nurburgring race of 2011 and an instructor at BMW Driving Experience. According to him, the most important feature of the M Head-up Display is the gearshift indicator, which will help you obtain the fastest possible lap times on a track. It’s something you otherwise don’t get on non-M models, as the M Head-up Display has certain functions available solely for M cars.

However, there are a couple of features which make it look just like the standard version. For example, even on M cars you’ll need to see the speed limit on certain roads and that’s available on the M Head-up Display. Of course, that’s a useless feature on the track but since M cars are driven on public roads as well and since they can reach eye-watering speeds in no time, that’s also one of the most useful features of the HUD.

Needless to say, BMW is aware of all that and integrated a solution which allows you to turn off the speed limit warning on your head-up display. Therefore you can choose what info comes up on your HUD via the iDrive menu. Just go to My Vehicle, Vehicle Settings, Head-up Display and choose whatever works for you.