The BMW X3 M is getting closer to its market launch in 2019. The car is almost ready if we’re to judge by the latest shots and it’s doing more rounds on the Nurburgring. In the fresh footage posted below, the car is shown pushing its limits on the famous track in what definitely looks like production clothes. Sure, the camo still covers the front bumper, mirrors, side sills and rear end, but by now we can tell that this is the final shape the car will have when it goes into production.

As one would expect, the X3 M will be bringing M detailing on all the aforementioned camouflaged areas. The front bumper will have a different design, projecting a more menacing look than what we currently find on M Sport versions, the side skirts will be more angular while the rear bumper will house quad tailpipes for the engine under the hood. Of course, the M side mirrors will also come into play, as they seem to be of particular relevance for enthusiasts.

Under the hood we’ll get the new S58 engine based on the B58 mill powering M Performance cars these days, like the M140i and M240i, for example. Our sources say that it will be making around 450 HP and that the X3 M will be the first SUV built under the M umbrella to be offered with a Competition Package. That means we’ll get a base version and the Competition version which will have more power and a better set up suspension.

From the looks and sounds of things, the new powerplant certainly comes with a lot of character. It is based on the already popular B58 engine and it will replace the S55 mill in all of its applications. Whether it will be used on the new M3 and M4 models remains to be seen but chances are that will happen. Most importantly, it’s the same mill which is going to be used for the X4 M in the near future.