There’s a bit of an interesting dynamic with the BMW M2 Competition’s exhaust. On one hand, the BMW M2 is one of the better sounding Bavarian products on the market. Its N55 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 engine is still a great sounding engine and one that fans adore. However, the BMW M2 Competition won’t have the N55. Instead, it will sport a version of BMW’s S55 engine, the same one that powers the BMW M3 and M4 and its noise is one of the most constantly criticized things about any modern BMW. So the M2 Competition may sound a bit worse than the standard car. We’re hoping, though, that BMW can learn a bit from Akrapovic because this BMW M2 with the Slovenian company’s exhaust sounds exactly as the M2 Competition should sound.

In this new video from Automotive Mike, we get a good look, and listen, to a BMW M2 with an Akrapovic exhaust. And it sounds fantastic. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of most aftermarket exhausts for the M2, as most of them sound too artificial and boomy. However, Akrapovic makes some incredible systems and this one is no different.

The sound of this BMW M2 is far more aggressive than the standard car. It’s throaty and angry at the bottom end but at the top end it gets high-pitched and wails a bit. It sounds great and is exactly how a more aggressive BMW M2 should sound. The standard M3 and M4 sound like they’re trying to simulate what a sports car should sound like. This Akrapovic-tuned BMW M2 sounds like a properly angry sports car.

If the BMW M2 Competition rolls off the assembly line with looks as aggressive and angry as it has and a sound like the M3, fans are going to be disappointed. However, if it comes out sounding like this Akrapovic M2, it will be a hit.