In what seems to be like the most interesting drag race I’ve seen in quite a long time, the BMW M4 Competition Package model takes on the brand new Audi RS5 on a strip in South Africa. The guys from Cars decided to pit the two against each other after comparing the M4 to the C63 AMG S and the RS5 with the same car from Stuttgart.

The two cars are evenly matched in terms of power. Both come with 450 PS from six-cylinder engines but there are some important differences to be mentioned here. First of all, the BMW uses its classic straight six configuration while the Audi has a V6 under the hood. Furthermore, the Bimmer wins in terms of displacement but only by a measly 100 cc, since the Audi uses a 2.9-liter engine. Nonetheless, the more important thing to mention here is that the RS5 has the edge in terms of torque, rated at 600 Nm (443 lb-ft) whereas the M4 has 550 Nm (416 lb-ft).

On paper, the RS5 should have it therefore, right? The Audi comes with all-wheel drive in typical fashion, which means it will leave the M4 in the dust in the case of a standstill launch. The specs also claim that the newer car is faster to 100 km/h (62 mph) by 0.1 seconds at 3.9 seconds. The race definitely shows that, as the M4 struggles to put the power down in the first couple of yards. However, things start turning around as the BMW starts gripping.

I won’t ruin the fun of watching the video and seeing for yourself what happened in the end but this is a clear example of how weight saving measures work in favor of any sports car, no matter how much power it sends to the wheels.