When Mercedes-AMG revealed the new C63 and the C63 S, the world said goodbye to one of the best sounding mills on the planet – the old 6.2-liter V8 which used to animate Mercs with a 63 on the boot. However, the Stuttgart-based manufacturer found a way to downsize without having to drop the glorious soundtrack altogether and their 4-liter twin-turbo mills powering the cars these days are worthy successors of their bigger, naturally aspirated forefathers.

The problem though resides in the corner reserved for their archrivals from Munich. That’s because while the AMG models aim to offer luxury and power, the BMW M models have a different approach focusing more on agility and the way the car drives rather than just a loud engine and straight line performance. That’s why when you put the C63 and a BMW M4 on the scale, the weight difference will be significant.

Sure, BMW fans like to complain about how fat modern cars became in recent years but compared to what the competition is offering, they are still the lightest out there. For example, the M4 Competition Package model in the video below is a full 300 kg (661 lbs) lighter than the car on the other side of the drag strip. Sure, then there’s the power figures you also need to take into account, which is the place where the AMG trumps the M4, easily.

Even with the Competition Package on, the BMW M4 still has to rely on only 450 PS while the C63 S comes with 510 PS. On the torque front the numbers still favor the larger, 4-liter V8, coming with 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) against the BMW’s 550 Nm (406 lb-ft). However, the numbers on paper are one thing while real-life results are a completely different thing. Will the BMW M4 be able to compensate for the lack of horsepower in a straight line with its lower weight? Let’s see.