The guys from the BMW M division have started a mini-series of videos with the aim of showing the random viewer exactly what goes on behind closed doors when the engineers and designers are hard at work, developing the next M car. We went through two of these episodes already, one focusing on how the design is penned and one showing that clay is still very much being used. This time around we’re taking a look at colors and materials.

The episode posted here focuses on how the BMW M5 was brought to life and has Marc-Dino Meerman talking about the process, the BMW M designer for colors and trims, offering some insight into the process. Marc says that “at BMW M, color development is something very special, because it is extremely extroverted.” That’s definitely visible on the new M5 as a plethora of new colors have been offered, stepping away from the usual shades of white, black and blue we’ve been getting used to.

2018 BMW M5 Champagne Quartz 15 830x622

Experts like Marc-Dino Meerman undertake in-depth research in order to achieve the shades and nuances that emphasize and showcase the high-performance BMW M5 sedan’s fascinating character. The aim is not only to create something that is state of the art, but also ahead of the curve. “At BMW M Design, we try to create the most extreme version of every BMW. It’s all about emotionality, athleticism and character,” said Domagoj Dukec, Vice President Design BMW M and BMW i

The Color and Trim Designers create extroverted, expressive colors by adding strong basic tones and shades that are refined to the last detail. A BMW M model’s paintwork can evoke warmth or the cold depending on its depth. In addition to this, the interplay of different tones emphasizes the individuality of its character. The interior design also requires an emotional instinct. Only the perfect combination of the highest quality wood, carbon, leather and other materials produce an atmosphere preserve the emotional appeal of the exterior. The new M5 is proof of that.