In the first part of our series ” How we design icons – by BMW M”, a video published by BMW takes us for a visit at the top secret BMW M design department. Seungmo Lim, the Exterior Designer for the new F90 M5, walks us through the design features of the new M5.

As Lim says, the process kicks off with abstract sketches which eventually guides him to the final design. Lim talks about how each design feature on the M5 serves a purpose and are performance driven.

The design of the new M5 is an evolution of the previous F10 model and was built upon the lightweight architecture of the current G30 5 Series. Compared to the standard business sedan, the front bumper has larger air intakes and sharper lines, the roof is carbon fiber, and M mirrors were fitted to it.

There is also a thicker-finned rear diffuser and a quartet of black-tipped exhaust tips, along with the typical large multi-spoke alloy wheels.

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