BMW M uses their Individual Program to showcase some exclusive and exciting colors for the new BMW F90 M5. The selection of colors indicates how versatile the Individual catalog is in terms of colors, and of course, other customizations. The offer is almost unlimited for the sports sedan from Garching and ultimately only a matter of price. Even colors associated with other manufacturers, such as Ferrari Red, are implemented on request.

On the racetrack  Estoril, where we were allowed to turn our first laps in the new BMW M5, the M Division has now gathered some particularly interesting models featuring equally interesting finishes.

One of them is a BMW F90 M5 in Frozen Black, a color that has enjoyed many years of great popularity with individualists who do not want to attract attention at first glance.

If you prefer to stand out, then the Java Green color will certainly achieve that.

One of the most extroverted colors is Purple Silk, the very same finish we’ve just seen at the Chicago Auto Show. The unique shade of purple stands out in every parking lot and makes the sedan an absolute eye-catcher.

The same can be said of Long Beach Blue Metallic, because the self-confident turquoise blue is also anything but unremarkable.

Some of the BMW Individual options have been recently made available online by BMW UK. The Brits have launched a new page that allows you to see all the colors in the Individual catalog and a lot more info about them than what you get in the standard configurator. The way it works is also quite brilliant. You choose the color and a drop down menu shows you exactly which cars can be had with it.

With the new M5 just now hitting dealerships worldwide, we’re more than confident that in the near future we will see a wide range of special colors being featured on the sports sedan.

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