As we get closer to the launch of both cars, more and more spy photos seem to be popping up of the new BMW 3 Series and BMW Z4. The former is the more important car, as the 3 Series is the Bavarian brand’s bread and butter. But the latter car is arguably the more exciting car, as it will be co-developed with the Toyota Supra and it features bold new styling. Put them together and you get a pretty interesting set of spy photos for fans to inspect and dissect. (We don’t own the photos but they can be seen here)

Admittedly, most of these photos focus on the new BMW Z4, as it shows off the most from its camouflage, or lack thereof. Again, we can see the new Kidney Grille design, that features a sort of mesh, rather than the vertical slates used on almost every BMW in history. While we’ve seen this new design before, this time we get a close up look and it’s a radical departure from what BMW’s used to. It also looks low, lean and very sporty, which is encouraging to say the least.

Riding with the Z4 was the new BMW 3 Series. There aren’t a lot of good photos of the new 3 Series here, but this tester doesn’t seem to give much away that we haven’t already seen, so that’s no big deal. What’s interesting, though, is that the Toyota Supra tagged along with the Z4 and 3er in the snow, showing off that it really is basically a BMW underneath its skin.

We’re excited for all three of these cars, as they should all be very good, even the Toyota. The new 3 Series will be lighter, feature more technology, handle better and get a new interior. While the BMW Z4 should be sportier, sharper and better looking than before. The Toyota Supra is all-new but it sounds promising, thanks to it basically being a coupe version of the Z4.

[Source: Motor Trend]