Accurate 2019 BMW Z4 render looks really good

BMW Z4, News | February 17th, 2018 by 8
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By now, we sort of already know what the upcoming BMW Z4 is going to look like. We’ve seen the stunning concept, countless spy photos …

By now, we sort of already know what the upcoming BMW Z4 is going to look like. We’ve seen the stunning concept, countless spy photos and teasers. Combining everything we’ve seen, we have a pretty good idea of what it will be. It’s really just the details we’re missing at this point. So when we saw this new render of the Z4, we felt that it was pretty damn accurate. And if that’s the case, we think the new Z4 is going to look pretty damn good.

From the front, this render is basically copy and paste, as spy photos have almost completely given the front end away. Still, it looks great, with its new Kidney Grilles and vertically-aligned headlights. While the new grille design is a bit radical and a big departure from what we’re used to from BMW, I personally like it and it reminds me of the BMW Z8. Which is a good thing.

BmwZ4Concept Calvin Luk 830x488

Down the side, the massive Air Breather is built into its sharp shoulder line and it looks really aggressive. Which is refreshing after the sort of smooth and luxurious looks of the previous generation. It also just has a really good stance, with its shoulder line that rises as it moves toward the rear and a higher butt.

This seems like it’s an accurate render, as its close to what we’ve already seen from spy photos. What’s great is that it seems like a lot of Concept styling cues have made it to the production car and that’s a very good thing, as the Z4 concept was the BMW’s best in a long time.

bmw z4 plays with m2 around the nurburgring 122729 1 830x485

If this render is accurate and the BMW Z4 ends up looking like this, I’ll sign my name wherever I need to get one. How much are kidneys worth?

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8 responses to “Accurate 2019 BMW Z4 render looks really good”

  1. Dustin says:

    I’m not sure this will be exciting enough. Where is the “wow factor” or gotta-have-it level appeal? It looks good – but like 2016 good.

    The last Z4 went from 2009-2016. So could this one go from 2019-2026? I don’t think this is 2026 material. The concept design, while quite edgy now, would do better over the long haul, IMO.

  2. Mr Man says:

    The concept is pretty cool looking, Perhaps I could be tempted, but the render looks like an MX5.

    The E89 is a beautiful car, I would rather get another one than switch to this!!

    Hopefully they will stick to the concept design as close as possible.

  3. Arunabh says:

    Definitely one of the better design efforts in recent times from BMW.

    Just wish that shark nose detailing should be more pronounced in production model.

  4. anon says:

    Doesn’t look good enough (to me) to sell on looks alone (like the E89 did). Hopefully will handle well enough to make everyone overlook that.

  5. Christian says:

    Couldn’t tell what I was looking at with all the ads harassing every page blurb and image in the article.

  6. Yukatan says:

    Cover the kidney grill with your hand and it looks like some kind of Japanese import.

  7. Jefferson Airplane says:

    Man, I hate how the artists come up with a stunningly beautiful design and then corporate always finds a way to f it up for production.

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