Video: BMW M3 CS Shows Us the Best Is Yet to Come

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The BMW M3 and its M4 brother were received with lukewarm feelings when launched back in 2014. The two cars did show a return to …

The BMW M3 and its M4 brother were received with lukewarm feelings when launched back in 2014. The two cars did show a return to form for BMW in some ways but lacked the panache of the older models in different areas. Some complained about the lack of character of the S55 engine while others found the steering to be numb. Due all this criticism, the engineers in Munich doubled down and tried to make amends. This is how the Competition Package came to be while the newly announced BMW M3 CS is set to raise the bar even higher.

Deliveries of the M3 CS will kick off in March and there are a couple of very interested customers out there who are just dying to take delivery. But for those who still aren’t convinced, the Marketing department has a couple more strings to pull in the meantime. Today we’re taking a look at the latest clip they put together hinting at a whole new animal coming to stun us yet once again this year, courtesy of the M division.

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The BMW M3 CS is the epitome of the M3 badge. It was designed following the same principles applied to the M4 CS and that means it wasn’t a job aiming at providing just more power to make the car go faster, but one that aimed at fine tuning a worthy chassis. Of course, some added HP was included but at 460 HP you can’t call the M3 CS the most powerful car in the range. Instead you can easily mark it as the lightest, the M engineers making sure to lose weight in all the right places.

M Drive, the electromechanical steering M Servotronic and an M double-clutch transmission with an especially sporty design therefore ensure outstanding performance, even by M standards. The best part is that this is truly a double-bladed scalpel which can be used regardless of whether you are on the road or race track. The setup of the car will make sure you’re on the edge of your seat whenever you go to the race track while taking your kids to school will be just as easy as if you were driving a Camry.

2 responses to “Video: BMW M3 CS Shows Us the Best Is Yet to Come”

  1. Marc-Anthony Murray says:

    There has gotta be an extremely miniscule production window for this car, considering the reports of early termination for the F80 chassis. I feel like the emissions-axing would make whatever markups there would have been (or rather, will be) even greater. Still interested to see one in person though, looks fantastic.

    • DM says:

      If dealers mark up the F80/F82 CS beyond their MSRP, that would push the entry price near that of the GTS (~$140K). In my area (Silicon Valley) there was more than one marked up GTS that sat on the show floor like a statue. The average soccer mom out here happily spends $120K on a Model S/X without blinking. BMW has lost sight of where its niche was and how that niche cultivated the brand. The level of stoplight performance from any M product (barring the F90) falls short of a typical Tesla and since this clientele will not be tracking their cars, the value represented by BMW M is near non-existent. It’s a shame, not a single neighbor would consider an F80/F82 over a Cayman GT4. For the money, many of them went with Corvettes.

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