The Rolls-Royce brand is automatically associated with the ultimate in luxury and comfort. The double-R emblem can be found on what most journalists call ‘the epitome of the automotive realm’ and we wholeheartedly agree. But what if the British brand decided to go down an unbeaten road? What if Rolls-Royce ever decided to follow in the footsteps of BMW and build a custom bike? What would it look like?

Well, it could look like this particular rendering, with subtle changes, of course. The bike you see in the drawing here was done so that you can easily recognize it as a Rolls-Royce. If features two headlights in the same shape as the ones used on the latest Phantom, that shape basically being unmistakable. Since this is a Rolls in theory, it also had to have a generous size to go with it, thus obviously becoming a Touring Bike from the get go.

As for the engine, it would be nice if a V12 could be shrunk down to compact size and used in such an ambitious project. After all, there are bikes out there with even more cylinders, even though only in concept guises or wildly rare bikes. This would also benefit from the experience parent company, BMW, has in the field.

The guys also put together a couple of other renderings, showing how certain other car makers could shape up their possible bikes. The one that looks most accurate in our book is the McLaren one but the Porsche Cafe Racer isn’t bad at all either. The Mustang chopper doesn’t really work while the Land Rover dirt bike is right on the money.