As we reported yesterday, the first ever Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII to roll off the assembly line in Goodwood was sold at at charitable auction at the Naples Winter Wine Festival for $780,000. Availability of the new model is limited at the moment as Rolls-Royce is starting to make them and the process is due to take a couple of months if you place your order now. However, if you’re in a hurry, there’s a brand new one waiting for you in Germany.

rolls royce phantom viii hollmann 16 830x549

This particular Rolls-Royce Phantom was done with a black on black theme and Orange accents and has only about 31 miles on the clock which means it’s basically brand new. The price isn’t listed but since it is available immediately, it is probably high even for double-R standards. But while you may consider this an advantage it is also the car’s biggest flaw.

You see, owners of Rolls-Royce models usually like to order their cars brand new so that they can configure them to match their personality. As the Phantom introduces more and more customization options, including the new Gallery, those wanting to buy one will most likely want to make it their own and choose everything on it, from paint finish to cross stitching.

rolls royce phantom viii hollmann 11 830x543

Nevertheless, the striking beauty of this Phantom and the way it has been configured might appeal to some people. Right now, it’s only a matter of finding someone who wants to own the ultimate luxury right now as opposed to later on, someone who just doesn’t want to wait anymore. And when you’re rich enough to own a Phantom, you’re not used to waiting for things, you just buy them.