The first Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII to roll off the assembly line was auctioned off at the Naples Winter Wine Festival for charity. This was part of a days-long event that saw the event raise over $15 million from participants, who bid on a number of items, from exclusive cars to trips in exotic part of the world and other experiences or items. The Rolls-Royce was the crown jewel of the car auctions, raising $780,000 from an Ohio couple.

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Alongside the Phantom, participants were also able to bid for two more cars. A 2019 Bentley Continental GT went for $520,000 while a McLaren 720S managed to raise $650,000 from Naples resident Lindy Salvi. The winners of the Phantom VIII, the Masons, were terribly excited to leave with a new car from the show. He runs an auto shop and is an avid collector of cars, actually being quoted saying “I just love cars. If I ever prick my finger, oil would come out.” He knows that feeling.

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His new Rolls-Royce is Belladonna Purple and has Arctic White leather inside, 22″ wheels and laser headlights among many other things. The car is bound to be returning a good profit for the collector in a couple of years when things like a 6.75-liter V12 will be regarded as rarities in an electrified automotive industry.

To get a glimpse of what went down at the Naples Winter Wine Festival, we’ll mention a couple of the thing that were bought for absurd amounts of money. Someone paid $140,000 for a truffle-themed dinner for 10 people, then came a 10-day trip to South Africa which ended up costing $520,000 while a Naples resident paid $450,000 for the chance to have country musician Thomas Rhett come to his house and play for his closest 20 friends and family. In the end, it was all for charity and we applaud those that took up the challenge to raise over $15 million for low-income and at-risk Collier County children through the Naples Children & Education Foundation.