BMW is currently entering the final phase in developing the upcoming BMW M2 Competition model which is set to arrive next year. With production kicking off in July 2018, there are only a couple of months left before the car will be finished and ready to roll off the assembly lines. The last bits are not being perfected and this latest video from the Green Hell is proof that the Motorsport engineers are doing everything they can to make sure it will be up to par.

One important thing you need to remember though is that BMW will have to make sure the new M2 Competition doesn’t end up being better than the M3/M4 models in order to avoid cannibalizing sales. Some would say the current M2 is already better but then again, on paper, the M3 and M4 models are superior in terms of acceleration figures, power outputs and possibly track times, depending on the circuit.

The Competition Package models are even better and that’s where the upcoming M2 will probably be aiming at. Therefore, seeing it benchmarked against a BMW M3 with the Competition Package does make a lot of sense. Since the new M car will also get a de-tuned version of the S55 engine, chances are we’ll be in for quite a treat when it comes out.

By the looks of things, this particular prototype does seem able to hang with its bigger brother. Sure, it’s easier to follow than to lead on a track and yes, we only get a couple of shots of the two together  but they might be enough to tell the story of how they compare. One thing’s for certain: with 400 HP under its belt, the M2 will be a beast.