BMW M2 Competition production begins July 2018

BMW M2 | November 15th, 2017 by 29
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BMW’s potential next big star -the M2 Competition – will arrive in 2018 replacing the current M2 Coupe. As we’ve reported before, the production of the new super sporty, compact Coupe will begin in Summer of 2018, more precisely, around early July. As we’ve seen with more recent BMW launches, the world premiere is likely to be scheduled 2-3 months ahead of the start of production, which will give us a world debut in Spring 2018.

The supped up M2 will also introduce new colors to the lineup. One of them is Silver Hockenheim, while the other is a flashier one – Sunset Orange. The M2 CS will continue to be offered in Alpine White, Black Sapphire, Mineral Grey and Long Beach Blue Metallic.

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The legendary N55 3.0 liter TwinTurbo six-cylinder will also be replaced by a detuned S55 unit, with the same internal components as the one found in the M3 and M4, but with slightly less power – 405 hp. The engine will be mated to a 7-speed M-DCT transmission or a six-speed manual.

Along with the 405 horsepower, nearly 500 Nm of torque are on the table for the M2 CS, but even more important than the slightly higher peak power is the more aggressive response of the twin-turbocharged straight-six cylinder with 3.0 liter displacement.

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While the M2 Competition won’t be artificially limited, the number of units produced will be based on the production capacity and demand. Delivery times will vary from market to market, so it won’t be unusual to see some customers taking delivery in late 2018.

29 responses to “BMW M2 Competition production begins July 2018”

    • bmw driver says:

      Expensive and limited. Anyone who thinks this is going to be a mass production car for the same price as a normal M2 is insane. A regular M2 is about as fast as an M4 CP around most tracks, despite an 80bhp disadvantage. A tuned M2 variant with +400hp will be close to the M4 GTS. Work out the price based on that. I’d be expecting 1.5x the price of a normal M2 at a minimum by the time the dealers have finished having their way with you and there will be people on the list now who won’t get one.

      • Rainer Hedemann says:

        Competition will replace the Normal M2. The basic price is around 6000-8000 € higher the the current M2. New M-Seats will be an Option with extra costs. Only CS/CSL or what’s the name ever will be, is limited.

        • bmw driver says:

          Read the previous comment from Horatiu, the CS/CSL/Competition is the same car. What I said still applies. You will not get M4 GTS performance from BMW for half the price of an M4 GTS. What sense would that make?

          • Rainer Hedemann says:

            I think people are still confusing the M2 Competition with a CS or CSL. M2 CP is not M2 CS or CSL. M2/S55 was originally called CS and then was renamed to Competition and will be a standard replacement for the N55 M2 That’s what my dealer said last week. I’m in the pre-order process for an M2. and in Jan 2018, I will see what happens. CO2 could also be reason to replace the old N55 engine, or to go for the same HP like Audi RS 3 or upcoming DB A45.

          • bmw driver says:

            Let me let you in on a secret. When LCI test mules came out, the forums went wild with speculation that you’d be able to buy an M2 with a detuned S55 for a little bit more than the pre-LCI model. They cited the same reasons that you just did (emissions, new RS3 with 400hp, A45 with 381hp). LCI came out with the same N55 engine, because an S55 M2 for the same price as a base M2 is really, really stupid from a marketing and sales point of view for BMW.

            You also have the problem that the S55 consumes MORE fuel and emits MORE CO2 than the N55B30TO, the emissions would get worse with an S55 M2. In fact the M2’s N55 engine emits LESS CO2 than the RS3. Also, the S55 is not a new engine, it is a re-engineered N55. B58 is new. Trusting your dealer is also hilariously bad mistake.

            Good luck to you, maybe you’ll get to laugh at how wrong I am in a year or two, by then my M2 lease will be up and maybe I’ll get myself a magical M2 with GTS performance as well, I don’t think that will happen though.

          • Max says:

            You are so wrong and that is so funny that you don’t see it :D
            I would love to see your stupid face next year! Everything Rainer and BMWBLOG mentioned makes sense and is true.

          • guest says:

            But he’s consistent.
            Also insistent.
            At least he didn’t mention kidneys or kinks.
            This time.
            bsmw insane GTFO typist

          • bmw driver says:

            Terry Cowan and ‘Max’ such a cute couple, with your matching, fact free posts. I hope you get paid to follow my comments around so you can save up, buy a new BMW and support the brand. Most primary schools have student banking so if you start now, by the time you’re old enough to drive, who knows? Terry might have to check with his adult guardian though.

          • guest says:

            Speaking of fact free, I take it you have keyboard Tourettes.
            You & John are the fun, fact free couple.
            But congratulations! Your 1st comment that doesn’t repeat all your other fact free comments.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            No, CSL is a different model. CS=Competition

          • Bmw driver says:

            You’re right, I was referring to the fact that the one test mule we’ve seen has been rumoured to have several different designations, at one point one of them was rumoured to be CSL, that seems to firming as CS now. I can’t imagine there will be an M2 CSL without and M4 CSL.

  1. itf joegun says:

    In the article they speak of both, M2 competition and M2 CS. I assume this will not be the same car. As for the M4 the competition will still have all features of the standard M4, where the CS has a lot of improvements towards track use. Authors, please clarify.

      • itf joegun says:

        So no armrest, cup tires, less sound dampening, no auto climatics?! Result would be a car for the racetrack and not for daily use. I doubt that they would replace the standard M2 with that. I have expected a car similar to the M4 competition: Out fo the box with MPE, big brakes, competition parts, but no cup tires, armrest existing, all comfort gimicks etc… And besides, there would be less room for the CSL, makes no sense for me.

        • Max says:

          You don’t get it. The competition is exactly what you described last. This was already shown on the spied option lists…CSL would be different, I hope they gonna make it! :O

          • itf joegun says:

            Yes, I know all that, if your read my post more carefully, my remark was only that the competition is not the same like the CS and in the article they use both terms for the new M2.

  2. ZeroCold says:

    Engine sound: N55>S55

  3. Chris Dorgan says:

    Hmmmm…. it’s gonna be low to mid 60’s in pound sterling, Cayman GTS makes a good proposition at that point in time. Especially if the worse sounding S55 is in play. Standard BMW brakes aren’t up to the job that M owners expect them to be. Optioning on CBB’s adds an additional £5k nevermind any other options so you’re potentially looking at a near £70k M2…. is it really worth it? I know it’ll be fun but the depreciation hit will be massive as it’s not a limited run car. I’ve loved every minute with my M2 and with the M performance exhaust it sounds amazing and people always want to ask you about it but it’s so obviously been sandbagged and the brakes are about as useful as a cadbury’s chocolate bar on track. that it makes moving to something like a Porsche a no brainer… especially if you’re looking at similar financial outlay.

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