Next year, fans of the BMW brand will get plenty of new models to quench their thirst of performance. These new cars will appeal to every budget and will vary from the new BMW M2 Competition to the top dog BMW M8, both cars being currently in prototype stage, being thoroughly tested on the usual proving grounds: the Green Hell. If yesterday we were checking out the latter, today we’re taking a look at the upcoming BMW M2 Competition, a car that is supposed to offer us even more bang for the buck.

The curent M2 has been sometimes criticized for the lack of a proper M engine, but all that is about to change as we hit 2018. The BMW M2 Competition is going to house the S55 engine under its sheet metal and that’s a rather big change.

Everyone out there seems to agree that a 400 HP BMW M2 is definitely going to be a good thing but the images below got me thinking that horsepower figures aren’t everything. After all, what made the M2 stand out so much in comparison to the other M cars in the range these days? I remember when I first drove one and I kept thinking to myself ‘this thing is so easy to control, it’s docile and yet fun’. That’s what makes the M2 so desirable in the first place: it has enough power to make you feel fast but not so much that you start getting scared.

With the M2 Competition, the power figure might not go up by a drastic amount but it will be noticeable and the rear end might get a bit too happy to skid around. That’s rather obvious in the first seconds of the video below, where we get to see the M car skidding around on the Ring. Of course, engineers will make other changes to the car, especially in the suspension department and most likely, the new model will be better than the outgoing one but they’ll have to be extra careful not to go too far.