BMW has struggled with its current-gen M4, as it took a really long time to figure out how to perfect it. Fortunately, BMW has figured out the right formula for its highest-performance coupe. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too late and too expensive. The BMW M4 CS really is the Goldilocks variant of the M4, with more excitement, better looks and a sharper driving experience than any M4 variant before it. It’s just too damn expensive and exclusive, which is a shame.

In this video from AutoTopNL, we learn why it’s such a shame. It’s because the BMW M4 CS looks like so much fun and seriously exciting. Which makes the fact that it’s almost impossible to get even more infuriating for fans.

First thing we get to see is just how good the BMW M4 CS sounds. The new titanium exhaust sounds far and away better than any other M4. Admittedly, it’s still not great but it’s exciting and loud and aggressive. We wish it were a more musical noise, such as you’d find on any previous-generation M3, but it’s certainly better than the stock M4, which is almost boring. There are a lot of pops and burbles on the M4 CS, which is the new trend in exhaust noises, which makes it sound angry. So that’s good.

When it comes to actually driving, though, the BMW M4 CS seems like fun. It’s violently fast, as is every variant of the M4, and far quicker than its 464 hp would suggest. It’s also very eager to turn its tires into smoke, which is a necessary trait for any M car.

But the best part about the M4 CS is how it drives. While only slightly more dynamically capable than the standard car, it’s the way the car feels that’s dramatically improved. The steering is sharper, more responsive, while the chassis is more communicative. Everything has been tuned to make the BMW M4 CS the sharpest of all M4s.

This video makes us want to drive one, which is just annoying, as it’s almost impossible to do so.