For months now we’ve been patiently watching a camouflaged BMW M2 doing the rounds on the Nurburgring, all the while wondering what could possibly be hiding under that psychedelic wrap. While various sources claimed that this is a CS version it would appear like the Germans have tricked us once again, if we’re to believe a recent report from Car and Driver. According to them, a recent 177-page document leaked online shows the chassis codes and various other details about upcoming BMWs.

This list is the source of the recent claim that the upcoming BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra will be differentiated by a couple of interesting details. We reported a while back that the Z4 will be available with both automatic and manual gearboxes while the Supra will only be available with the former choice. Well, this time, the BMW F87 M2 takes the spotlight as the list clearly states that a ‘F87 M2 Competition’ is in the making with both a manual and 7-speed DCT gearbox and offered for both left-hand and right-hand driving countries.

Unfortunately, this list doesn’t also provide technical details about the upgrades included in this Competition Package version. However, we can use the M3 and M4 Competition Package models to get a clue as to what it may entail. Just like on its bigger brothers, the M2 will most likely get a reworked suspension as well as an improved trick differential at the back. The biggest question remains the horsepower level of the engine under the hood.

As you very well know, the M2 uses an upgraded version of the N55 engine taken up to 370 HP and taking it even further might be too risky for BMW to try it out. Another choice could be the usage of a downgraded version of the S55 mill with under 400 HP. This way, the upcoming, confirmed BMW M2 CS will get over 400 HP to set it apart from the Competition Package without stepping on the toes of the M4. The best bit of news about the Competition Package M2 is that, if it does enter production, it won’t be a limited-run model like the CS is expected to be.