By now, the wait seems unbearable. I’m talking about the process BMW is currently putting us through since they officially announced that we will finally be getting a BMW M8. The news is paramount for a number of reasons: from the fact that a project car that was never launched will become reality to a brand new M car being launched. And while we’re still speculating what specs the new car will have, tests are underway at the Nurburgring, with the prototypes looking and sounding even more hardcore than ever.

The most recent sighting happened just last week and shows us the BMW M8 racing up and down the Nurburgring. What we should point out here is that there seem to be two different cars in the footage below. The clip starts by showing what the uploader claims to be the upcoming BMW 850i. It has blue brake calipers and looks extremely similar to what the claimed BMW M8 looks like in the shots from the Ring.

BMW 850i

However, the M8 is wearing golden brake calipers and what look like double slated kidney grilles up front. Another notable difference hides on the base of the A pillars. While one car has the rear-view mirror covers out with no camo, the second one has them all covered up. Furthermore, the M8 seems to be wearing two different sets of wheels, bigger ones for the rear axle, dressed up in all black.

Nevertheless, by the sound of things, both cars are fitted with V8 engines. Our sources claim that the 850i will have ‘well over 500 HP’ but an exact figure is not offered. That would be a drastic increase from what the M550i has on tap, for example, the M Performance 5 Series putting down 462 HP out of its 4.4-liter V8. If that’s the case, the M8 could come with more than 600 HP even though that’s just speculation at this point. The two will be obviously differentiated by other performance indicators as well, apart from the HP figure. One way or another, a V8 8 Series is coming next summer and we’re hoping the M8 will deliver in all key areas.