Fans simply cannot wait for the upcoming BMW M8. As the first of its kind, the M8 represents the sort of halo performance car that fans have been clamoring for, seemingly, forever. In actuality, it’s been since the late ’80s, when BMW launched the first ever 8 Series. While flawed, the 8 Series was a special car that always seemed as if it had more potential in it. So fans always wanted a proper BMW M8. Unfortunately, the only M8 BMW ever made was a one-off prototype that remained in Munich and still does today. Soon, though, a genuine BMW M8 will roam the streets and BMW enthusiasts couldn’t be happier about it.

Some new spy photos have emerged, showing off the BMW M8 and its interior (We don’t own them, but they can be seen here). While mostly covered in camo, even on the inside, we can make out a few interesting details from the cabin of the M8. What’s most interesting is how similar to the 8 Series Concept car’s interior this is. The center stack is similarly swept from the shift lever up to the iDrive screen, which sits perched atop it. The shift lever is also the same one in the Concept, as is the iDrive rotary dial and the “Start/Stop” button’s location next to the shift lever.

One thing to note is the gauge cluster. In the 8 Series Concept, the gauge cluster was completely digital, with all new graphics and a completely redesigned interface. We thought that might become the new digital instrument cluster for BMW moving forward, especially after we saw the same one in a G20 3 Series test mule. Here, though, the gauge cluster, while clearly all digital, seems to have the same plastic little rings on it, to try and give off the look of more traditional gauges. This could be for pre-production, or maybe the M8 gets more traditional gauges for a sportier look, or maybe it’s just not going to get the new screen. We can’t be certain.

This specific car also seems to have a standard BMW steering wheel, not something pulled from the M Division. That’s odd, considering that the BMW M5 and even the BMW M760i have M Sport steering wheels. Again, though, this could be for pre-production purposes.

We’re very excited about the BMW M8 and these photos just fan the flame. Check them out and let us know if you spot anything we didn’t.

[Source: Automobile]