Earlier this week, people were stunned when tuned BMW M cars managed to either keep up or outpace a Ferrari 458 Italia on the drag strip. The Italian thoroughbred may have gone out of production, being replaced by a model with forced induction but it’s still a quite recent supercar and keeping up with it is an impressive feat. Therefore, when we saw a tuned BMW M5 easily outpacing it and then a BMW M4 being on par with it, we knew these two are absolute monsters.

But how would the two fare against each other? If you’re curious, the video posted below will have the answer and, once again, it’s all down to the perfect power to weight ratio, since we are looking at a drag race. If this would’ve been a race around a proper track, the M4 would probably set off as a clear favorite from the get go, but in this case, we wouldn’t wager money on any of the two before taking a look at the specs.

According to the video description and the comments posted by parts involved in this race, the two should be close in terms of specs. The BMW M5 apparently has 750 HP coming out of the S63 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 under the hood and that was achieved only by installing a new ECU map and a custom exhaust from Akrapovic. At least that’s what the owner claims. On the other hand, the BMW M4 is a bit more complicated under the sheet metal.

The Coupe is now apparently putting down somewhere between 650 HP and 700 HP running at 29 psi boost. However, the S55 engine has had its turbos changed while the fuel injection system now uses E85 fuel. The intake and exhaust were also changed for better airflow and the end result shows it rather clearly. Of course, the weight fact also plays an important part here, as the M4 is a couple hundred kilos lighter than the four-door sedan.