The BMW M4 is fast enough off the line in standard guise, giving most people quite the adrenaline rush when launching. However, we’d stop short of calling it a drag racer because that’s just not what it was made to do. The M4 is one of those cars that truly shine when pushed to the limit on the track, with some proper side to side action or going over vibrators in tight corners. Be that as it may, fans and owners of the M4 are actually tuning it to make considerably more power, so that it can hang with the best out there.

One such example awaits in the video posted below. While at first you wouldn’t peg an M4 as a worthy Ferrari 458 Italia rival, no matter whether in a straight line or on the track, this ambitious owner wanted to prove us all wrong. Of course, the Bimmer we’re looking at here is not stock, not by a long shot. In order to reach its mammoth 650 HP figure, the owner had to do both some software and hardware tweaks.

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To be more precise, the car received new turbos, a new ECU tune, new E85 injection system, intake and exhaust. Overall, even though there’s no mention of an exact figure regarding the amount of money injected into the S55 engine, we’re guessing all of this didn’t come cheap. Was it worth it? Well, just how much would you pay to hang with a Ferrari 458 Italia? Let’s not forget the starting price tag of the Italian thoroughbred which used to sit well above the $200,000 mark.

Of course, one can’t compare the two but what we saw on the race track today made us wonder just how much performance can be squeezed out from under the hood of the M4. It’s also not exactly a fair race, as the 458, as impressive as it maybe at first, with its V12 V8 engine and lightweight construction, does have a special place in the world, being a proper supercar after all.