Back in 2016 we got to know some tastefully engineered BMW M2s by the Munich-based tuning experts from Laptime-Performance. The so-called BMW M2 LT featured a number of exterior modifications, such as the CSL-styled trunk lid and the 19-inch HRE R101 wheels. The power output increased to 415 HP and 560 Nm (410 lb-ft) of torque, thanks to a Mcchip-DKR upgrade. Of course it didn’t take long and the special-edition M2s were sold quickly.

Now, roughly one year later, the guys at Laptime-Performance invited BMWBLOG for an exclusive look at their newest project: The BMW M3-GT F80 powered by Laptime-Performance.

The BMW M3-GT F80 is inspired by the infamous M3 GT E36, built in 1995 and sold only within Europe. Consequently, the M3-GT F80 features British Racing Green as exterior color. Just like its role model.

Additional modifications include a KW Clubsport 3-way adjustable kit, the Remus Innovation Catback exhaust system and an increased power output. Once again, a Mcchip-DKR upgrade is used to generate a maximum power of 520 HP / 700 Nm (516 lb-ft). To transfer the power onto the street, the M3-GT F80 comes with a choice of two HRE wheel sets. One is the extremely light RC100 with 19-inch Michelin Cup 2 tires while the other is the elegant HRE FlowForm FF01 with 20-inch Michelin PS4S.

While the BMW M3-GT F80 from Laptime-Performance is already up for sale, BMWBLOG was lucky enough to get behind the wheel of this unique M3. When opening the driver’s door, the RECARO Sportster CS seats caught immediately my eyes. In addition, the centrally mounted AWRON display provides the most important car data, such as the intake pressure of the turbochargers. Everything else in the cockpit of the M3 is pretty much where we use to know it. The specially upholstered steering wheel with the M colors completes the interior.

Once we got on the street with the M3-GT F80, we were very much impressed by the sporty, but yet comfortable ride comfort. Immediately we could imagine ourselves driving to work with this M3 GT on a daily basis. On the other hand, when flooring the accelerator pedal, we got pushed back into the seats by the immediate power output.

Although the current BMW M3 generation doesn’t provide the most lightweight basis, our friends at Laptime Performance managed to build a powerful and well-balanced tribute to the iconic BMW M3 GT.