When BMW introduced the 2 Series, they wanted the world to perceive it as a spiritual successor to the BMW 02 Series models, the 2002 to be more specific. Some may not agree with that conclusion, but it would make the BMW M2 the successor of the 2002 Turbo, a legendary car in Munich.

The thing is the first ever BMW 3 Series was born from the 02 Series. The E21 3er was, however, a two-door model, whether the Germans marketed it as a sedan or not. Since today the 3 Series range is no longer made up of any car with just two doors, be it coupe or not, the association with the 2 Series does make sense, as the 4 Series has grown too much in size to be associated with the original 02 Series.

Laptime Performance BMW M2 9 750x544

Leaving such disputes aside though, we’re here to take a look at a sort of tribute paid to the original BMW 2002 Turbo. The guys from Laptime-Performance put together an impressive BMW M2 and adorned it with the legendary M stripes as well as ‘Turbo’ lettering on the sides in the exact same font used on the original car.

But apart from the lettering and the stripes and the tribute to the original car that preceded even the launch of the M division, the M2 we’re looking at here is also sporting other modifications, to make it even faster than stock. These changes includes a new front GTS lip, a CSL-style trunk lid and a carbon fiber bonnet that’s also vented.

The wheels are HRE R101 19” in a brushed gold finish while round the back you’ll notice an Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system. The ride was also dropped a bit by means of a KW Clubsport 3-way adjustable kit while the power output went up thanks to a Mcchip-DKR upgrade that took it up to 415 HP and 560 Nm (410 lb-ft) of torque.