Last year, London-based Evolve Automotive unveiled one of the most exciting M2 projects to date. Inspired by the GTS cars put out by BMW, the M2 GTS build features an aero package which turns the standard BMW M2 into a proper track machine worthy of the GTS name.

The car showcases the same paint job as the M4 GTS – Frozen Dark Grey Metallic – along with an M4 GTS-like power dome hood which lowers the weight by 14 kilos and lowering the center of gravity. The M2 GTS by Evolve comes with a massive racing wing, also made of carbon fiber.

The body of the M2 has also been further enhanced by even wider fenders, while the front-end sits low, thanks to a carbon fiber spoiler with orange accents. The orange theme continues throughout the car, starting from the side where a set of black wheels with orange accents were installed, along with carbon fiber side skirts. The orange painted rear diffuser is surrounded by a custom exhaust system.

A revised air intake, bespoke exhaust and various software tweaks result in a healthy power bump from 370 to 401bhp, which is transferred to the road via Toyo Proxes R888 semi-slick tires, wrapped around lightweight wheels forged from 6061 aluminum.

The torque sees a significant jump as well, from 343 to 450 lb-ft. To stop all that power in a fashionable time, the M2 was fitted with a carbon ceramic brake system.

This new photoshoot gives us a closer look at this proper track car.