It’s no longer a secret that BMW is working on a facelift for the 7 Series. The car was spotted out testing around the Munich HQ and the Nurburgring, so there’s no surprise there anymore. However, what did take a lot of people by surprise was the amount of camouflage that covered the front and rear end of the car. Usually, facelifts are limited to some minor exterior tweaks, but this time things look a bit more serious.

Couple that with the recent news that the 7 Series alongside the 8 Series, X7 and i8 will be part of a new ultra-luxurious sub-range of the BMW portfolio and people’s imaginations start wondering. Sure, this may turn out to be a bit more than just a facelift as we got used to when the final product is unveiled but until then there’s no reason to panic. One renderer however decided to try an sculpt a new 7 Series using styling cues from the X7 iPerformance concept.

new bmw 7 series rendered with x7 iperformance concept details looks majestic 2 830x415

It’s a bold idea starting with the front end which have been taken straight from the X7 and slammed on the body of a 7 Series, with the minor change of slimmer. Round the back, a similar approach was taken, the taillights looking close to what the leaked BMW X4 seemed to be wearing.

Nevertheless, BMW officials told the media loud and clear that while the bigger, taller grille makes sense on SUVs, on sedans and coupe models, it will be a bit more toned down and spreading to the sides instead, to offer the cars a more sporty look alongside the redesigned headlights. Therefore, chances of a car looking like this showing up on the road are slim to nonexistent but we’re more interested to see how you react to the drawings posted here.