BMW and MINI have recently announced a change in their marketing teams in the US, and that change was rather noticeable – the new ad spots that came out after the announcements brought a fresh take on how the Germans see fit to promote their business. From the hilarious spots for the BMW M brand to the most recent one today on Certified Pre-Owned cars, things are looking good.

Their latest two spots that are being aired on TV networks across the US as of now are aiming at customers looking into CPO cars. The market for CPO vehicles is growing at the moment, more and more Americans looking for the best bang for their buck. And considering just how much money you lose after driving a couple of miles aboard a brand new car, CPOs are more interesting to price-sensitive customers.

Both spots run on the same idea: you’ll never want to stop driving once you get a CPO car. Truth be told, we are already spending way too much time behind the wheel, using our cars even for the most mundane tasks but the idea behind these ads is a bit different. The implication is that you new car will be so fun to drive you won’t want to stop driving and nothing more or less. Therefore, when talking a stroll down the beach with your loved one, hilarity will ensue. The same can be said about taking part in a football game, the sideline basically becoming your own driveway.

Here are the ads:

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