You see it all the time in sports, where analysts and broadcasters will talk about an all-era team, a team built from all of a certain franchise’s best players, regardless of era. So we thought we’d jump in on the party and do a sort of all-era team of our own, just with a BMWBLOG twist.

Basically, the idea is to create a single BMW, using parts from any Bavarian car of any era, ever. For example, if you really like the E46 body style but want an E30 M3 engine, F90 M5 xDrive and the interior of a G11 7 Series, that would be your all-era BMW.

I’ll go first, creating my very own all-era BMW and then you fine readers can follow suit.

To start with, I’m going to go with the body of a BMW 507. I mean, seriously, is there a prettier BMW in the history of the brand? It’s an achingly pretty car and I must have one. Not only is it gorgeous but it’s the sort of car that BMW has yet to make since. Every luxury convertible from the Bavarians since has been more performance oriented, whereas the 507 was about being gorgeous, over-engineered and just lovely. Performance wasn’t its main objective.

As far as its engine, I’d swap the 507’s stock V8 with another Bavarian V8. I’d go with the 4.9 liter, naturally-aspirated V8 from the E39 BMW M5. With just about 400 hp, it’s powerful but not overly so and it makes a great noise. It’s the perfect engine for a car like the 507, if you ask me. It would also get the six-speed manual from the E39 M5, as well.

It would remain rear-wheel drive, as the car gods intended and I wouldn’t even bother with a fancy diff, as the 507 isn’t about skids.

Inside, I actually wouldn’t change a thing from the stock 507. Its interior is still impressive today, as absolutely everything, from the sun visors to the door handles, is completely over-engineered to the point of madness. It’s spectacular and gorgeous. Although, I was tempted to pick the interior of the BMW Z8.

So that’s my all-era BMW. It represents some of the best from BMW in all of its 100 years. It packs its most beautiful body and interior with its best V8 and a level of engineering that no Bimmer has seen since. So what’s yours?