Shortly after the market launch of the new 5 Series, the G11/G12 BMW 7 Series will receive a series of updates. As of March 2017, new infotainment and assistance systems will enter the luxury flagship, which will retain its leadership role within the BMW family. Features such as the more powerful BMW Personal CoPilot, which now also carries out lane changes at the touch of a button, were not yet ready for the market launch of the 7 series and are now being presented to the luxury class clientele as quickly as possible.

The Driving Assistant Plus includes an additional driving assist between 70 km/h and 180 km/h on roads with structurally separated directional bays and an evasive assistant at speeds of up to 160 km/h with sudden lane changes and thus unexpected avoidance maneuvers, making steering much safer.

New on board is also a crossover alert, which warns of a possible fault in the event of an unbraked approach to a priority road. With the help of the navigation system, a warning system is also implemented, which warns you about the wrong direction of travel before entering motorways, roundabouts and one-way streets, thus stifling dangerous situations in the bud.

The technology update for the BMW 7 Series is rounded off with the Remote 3D View function. This feature celebrated its premiere on the G30 5 Series and makes it possible to retrieve the images collected from the cameras of the SurroundView system on the smartphone as well. With the help of the BMW Connected App, the owner can at any time remotely control the surroundings of his vehicle.

The fact that the latest iDrive generation finds its way into the BMW 7 Series in the same breath is self-evident. Just like in the 5 Series, the tiles of the main menu can also be freely moved and configured in the 7 Series’ direct field of view. A new addition is the Messages menu item, which allows convenient access to incoming SMS and emails. The tiles now also provide live information, for example, the navigation tile will already be played in the main menu with a current map display.

[Source: Bimmertoday]