If you’re into collecting cars, there are a couple of investments you should look at. Among them you’ll find a few BMWs including the famous BMW Z8, a car with a lot of sex appeal and wits. Well, if you decided to take this leap and invest some money into a car for hope of great returns in the future, the guys from Romans International have one for you. It will cost you, but nobody said it was going to be cheap.

The car listed for sale on their website was done in Titanium Silver from the get go and has a red and black leather interior, like it’s supposed to. Unfortunately, the ad doesn’t say exactly what mileage the odometer reads at the moment but the sellers do claim that “this is a car [they] previously supplied 4 years ago and since it has been sitting in a collection with minimal use.” What that means exactly still remains to be seen.

Either way, by the looks of it, this Z8 really is in mint condition. The engine is claimed to have been serviced recently and that will save you some money, as the S62 mill isn’t exactly the cheapest engine to service. The 4.9-liter V8 is exactly the same as the one used on the E39 M5 and it used to make 400 HP back in the day. If the car truly has low mileage and has been properly maintained, chances are the V8 is still making close to those numbers to this day.

The price tag is a bit prohibitive, but considering the fact that you probably won’t get a much cheaper model anywhere else, it may be worth a look. £215,000 translates into close to $280,000 at today’s exchange rates and that’s close to what Z8s are asking for these days.