The BMW M Experience is one of the best driving courses you can attend if you want to learn how to control a proper rear-wheel drive car. BMW has been offering these courses for decades and every year more and more customers join in to improve their skills behind the wheel. This year the Germans put together a short video showcasing some of the action that took place on two continents, in London and Seoul respectively.

The BMW M Experience has partnerships with over 15 tracks all over the world such as the world-famous Nürburgring or the legendary circuits of Le Mans and Hockenheim. While you get to learn all sorts of useful things, you also get to have fun while doing it. For example, the BMW M Drift experience brings you in front of professional instructors who can show you how to approach the toughest curves on the asphalt. The best part? You get to use a BMW M4 even if you don’t own one.

Getting back to the event held this year, in April and May of 2017 the BMW M GmbH welcomed guests from Asia and Europe to the BMW M Experience. The guests dived into the world of BMW M for one and a half days. Adrenaline-filled experience on the race track of the BMW Driving Center in Seoul and on the legendary Brands Hatch Circuit in London let every heart beat faster and you can tell by the faces of the people involved.

Furthermore, BMW M decided to offer them a glimpse of the BMW M4 CS before its official unveiling while the 2012 DTM Champion, Bruno Spengler, came out to the track to teach them a trick or two. Tom Blomqvist joined in the fun as well, behind the wheel of a BMW M6. Overall, if you’re interested in taking part in such an event, the video below offers a small sample of what you end up getting for your buck.