We’ve featured some of Nick Murray’s videos here before. If you’ve seen any of them, you’d know that he used to have a BMW M4 and owned it for two years. He recently sold his M4 for a brand-new Porsche 911 Carrera 4S. It’s certainly an upgrade in dynamics and luxury, going from an M4 to a 911. It’s also a big jump in price. But how does he feel about his old M4 now that he has a 911? He finds out in this new video.

When Murray sold his M4, he sold it privately. And thanks to his large YouTube following, he was able to sell it quickly and stay in touch with the buyer. Justin, the new owner of the M4, and Murray recently met up to test the two cars back-to-back. With Murray in the M4 and Justin in the 911, talks about the differences between the two cars.

One of the more interesting differences is that he claims the M4 to be the more comfortable car. While the 911 has a better ride quality (the standard M4 has a sort of choppy ride), the M4’s suspension overall, cabin and noise levels are better than the Porsche’s for longer distance driving. The 911 more solid and stable over bumps but it’s suspension is stiffer. The M4 can feel sort of sloppy over bigger bumps but it’s more comfortable.

He does say that the seats in the Porsche are better, though. While the seats in the M4 are good, and they are, they’re not as good as the 18-way power-adjustable seats in his 911. So while the M4 is the more comfortable car, the 911 has the better seats. Also, while the M4 is built very well, it can’t match the absurdly high build quality in the 911.

Next, they drag race the two cars. With Murray back in his 911 and Justin in the M4, they do a rolling drag race. The M4 has a bit of an advantage here. They both have the same horsepower, 420 hp, but the M4 has more torque. It also has a rapid-fire, dual-clutch gearbox while the Porsche has a proper manual. Though, both have seven speeds. The Porsche 911 is lighter and has all-wheel drive, though. So it was bound to be an interesting drag race.

During the first run, Justin jumped the gun a bit early and won easily. With the second run, it was a bit more even and Murray hung on for a bit before his old BMW M4 pulled away. During the last run, Murray held on for longer but ultimately lost. While watching each race, you can see the M4’s DCT advantage. With every shift, the 911 loses a touch of speed while the M4 jumps ahead. It really proves just how much faster dual-clutch gearboxes are.

Anyone would be happy to own either of these cars, as they’re both fantastic. Murray has been fortunate enough to own both. In the end, he still prefers his Porsche 911. It’s the sharper car, it’s the better looking car and it’s the more exciting car. But the BMW M4 is faster, more comfortable and even has some better tech.