BMW has been organizing BMW M Track Days events for quite some time now, offering fans and owners of the blue and white roundel the chance to experience the latest M models without having to actually buy them. In the past, these track days used to be free but that led to overcrowding and a limit in how many of them could be held throughout the year. Starting with 2017, there’s a small fee involved which helps offer this great experience to a lot more people.

Taking part in a M Track Day will set you back only $250 and includes Lead-Follow Track Lapping, Autocross, Drag Race / Stop Box and Instructor Hot Laps. BMW will also provide its entire fleet of cars, from the compact M2 to its M SUVs and some M Performance cars like the BMW X4 M40i or the BMW M760Li xDrive, depending on the location. This year there have already been such events held in Monticeloo, NY, Miami, FL, Austin, TX, where we were actually invited, to sample some M Performance upgrades.

Up next is the BMW M Track Day event held in Shelton, WA between September 19-26 and Thermal, CA, between September 29 and October 6. We highly recommend signing up, if you can still find an opening as we heard the Thermal event is already sold out. Even if you don’t you could set up a reminder for next year, as this will surely be on the bucket list of most Bimmer fans around the world.

The video below shows exactly what you’re missing out on otherwise. From learning the basics such as how to adjust your car seat, to more complex tasks such as how to drive on a proper race track or how to drift, you can learn it all during the BMW M Track Days.