When the BMW M4 CS was launched, people started wondering what this contraption was meant to be. Then, suddenly, BMW said that it intends to launch more CS models in the future and all sorts of ruminations started showing up online. While the Germans kept their lips sealed regarding which car would be next in line to get the CS treatment it was fairly obvious what their choice would be when we started noticing prototypes of the BMW M2 running around the Ring wearing camo once again.

Then other sources started telling us that an M2 CS really is in the works and that it would be amazing. We’ll have to see about that but considering just how good the ‘normal’ M2 is we don’t expect the CS version to be anything but better. So far, there’s talk about a change under the hood, to give the M2 a proper M-developed engine with the right codename. Not that there’s anything wrong with the N55 engine it is using right now, but without an ‘S’ powerplant, the M2 always felt a bit left out.

If the rumors are confirmed, the new M2 CS will be getting the S55 engine used on the M3 and M4 models today. It will also be slightly modified, with some of its power trimmed off to make sure no model cannibalization takes place. Even so, at around 400 HP and some 370 lb-ft of torque, the figures would be noticeably better than on the standard M2. Chip in the diet the car will also be put through and… you get the picture.

By the looks of things, this car will be an absolute beast on the track. The footage below shows us a glimpse into just how fast it can be when driven by some capable hands. All we can do now though is wait to see what BMW has in store for us and hope that the M2 CS won’t be a limited offering as is the case with the M4 CS so that we can all enjoy it at some point.